Sending Bulk SMS? SMS Marketing Best Practices to Follow

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 To expand your business, a mobile SMS marketing campaign is something you must consider. You are of course aware of its benefits and advantages above other marketing channels. To exploit mobile SMS marketing channel to its fullest potential you just need to scratch your creativity a little more.

Here are some ideas you can customise and use for your mobile SMS marketing campaign along with a little insight into the implementation of the same.

Why SMS marketing?

For mobile SMS marketing, the most important thing you would want to have at hand is database of mobile numbers to send SMSs. Buying these databases can be of help. However, when you buy a database, you may not be able to get numbers only from your target audience.

So a better option is to collect mobile numbers of your prospective customers.

Keyword vs. Product or brand

Firstly you need to decide a keyword very interestingly and closely associated with your product or brand. It can even simply be your brand name. Then advertise this keyword through various channels of advertising you are currently using. If you are currently advertising on the highway just add a line mentioning your keyword, along with a reason for people to respond. This reason can be anything like a lucky draw or a discount on purchase. Let’s take an example to understand the suggested mobile SMS marketing plan better.

If you deal with dog food then getting a large database of mobile numbers of dog owners will be slightly difficult and just sending a promotional SMS to any and everybody will not prove to be very productive. So to make your mobile SMS marketing campaign more effective you set out to get mobile numbers of your prospective clients by advertising your keyword through an advertisement channel you are already using.

You can start with printing it on your dog food packets. Now offer a reason to your audience to respond. Present an offer like 100 lucky winners gets1 years free supply of dog food. This kind of an offer will ensure that only dog owners i.e. your target audience responds. Check here !

Keyword-send an SMS acknowledging receipt of their SMS

When people respond to your keyword, send an SMS acknowledging receipt of their SMS. Use this acknowledgement SMS as an opportunity to build your brand image and promote another offer. Like in the mobile SMS marketing campaign example mentioned earlier, you can promote a new product, or you can present another offer of a discount on the purchase of larger quantity. Brand building can be done by sending useful dog care tips periodically.

Talking about the implementation of your mobile SMS marketing campaign, the first thing you need is a good bulk SMS reseller, who can provide you with a customised SMS gateway (software to manage bulk SMSs).

To conclude:

Two important aspects you should look for in an SMS gateway other than cost are; its delivery promise, and incorporation with your database and applications. Don’t pick up an SMS gateway off the shelf without any commitment from the reseller to integrate it with your system. Also, check the ability or standing of the bulk SMS marketing reseller. See how long have they been in business along with a list of their existing clients and if possible check for some testimonials from them.

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Useful Guidelines For Effective Mobile Marketing

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Mobile or SMS marketing is increasing on a daily basis as modern technology, as well as businesses develop, yet so do the occasions and challenges. Online marketers are aiming to reach out to the younger generations by using incredibly innovative concepts in order to make their campaigns more successful so they can gain more sales. For instance, they are incorporating their adverts with trendy games as well as content providers to capture the maximum number within their target audience. This is a pretty clever concept as families often enjoy waiting while games load so they are forced to engage with the advertising. for further details, click here.

SMS Marketing

Marketers want the greatest number of subscribers to opt in to their SMS marketing services, as well as with all the data in place they aim to send their marketing communications for a number of manufacturers that they stimulate. Campaigns can be set up very quickly, as well as certain demographics targeted in order to receive the maximum positive response, and of course to keep costs down. for further details, visit :

Useful Guidelines For Effective Mobile Marketing

Other mobile marketing

Aside from SMS marketing there are a few other methods.

MMS Mobile Marketing can combine a timed slide show with a blend of text, images, video clip as well as audio. This captures the customer’s eye effectively. Nearly all latest phone models have screens which enable color images as well as different types of texts to be received.

Bluetooth marketing can in addition be used, as well as the benefits of this technologies is that it requires permission to function, subsequently the security is more costly, holds quick transfer speeds, as well as is radio based meaning there is no price.

Although more dated, infrared is another method which is usually used, still the down side to this is that it has a very limited range so it didn’t become very popular. By offering the chance to win prizes or cash back schemes, it encourages the customer to research that company further and possibly accept their deal. Simultaneously, small as well as large companies utilize these sorts of schemes. And even religious organizations, NGOs, as well as political parties are involved in SMS marketing for publicity purposes.

Because social media is more usually being linked to mobile marketing, it is without a doubt the next big thing. Internet marketers have already latched on to new ideas within this area, and are constantly coming up with more and more. They are taking advantage of the increasing popular use of Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones in order to increase success within their business.

Advertising on websites is a pretty common form of mobile marketing. The Mobile Marketing Association put out a list of guidelines, as well as rules, which allow Internet marketers to undergo of the encouraged format, presentation as well as size for these types of ads. Vast companies such as Google and Yahoo put advertising placements on their websites up for sale, as well as this is pretty advantageous since they receive millions of hits every day, subsequently the chance of an ad being seen is very high.


Understanding Text Message Marketing and How It Can Benefit You

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SMS text marketing is a promising concept with a lot to offer. SMS, which is an acronym for Short Message Service, is also known as text messaging. Cell phones today are used more for texting that voice calls. With texting being an important pillar of communication these days, numerous businesses are turning to this approach to market their products, services and specials directly to their customers. click here for more information.

Text message marketing entails notable advantages, especially in terms of viral advertising and promoting brand awareness. Whenever you send out a text message to your clients, you immediately remind them of your brand, your services/products and your value. Providing consistent value to your customers through SMS marketing is a very effective way to drive brand loyalty. Over the long term, all this could translate to improved client retention rates and increased sales.

SMS Marketing as a Business Concept

The fundamental characteristics of any text are conciseness and effectiveness. Think about it – you only have 160 characters (the equivalent of about 30 words) to get your message across, so you will need to say what you have to say quickly and clearly. Here are some pointers to consider when formulating your SMS marketing messages. for more details, click on :

Understanding Text Message Marketing and How It Can Benefit You

  • Keep it short and simple. Only introduce one offer with each text message.
    • Include a catchy headline and draw up a call to action.
    • Clarify the offer type – i.e. limited time, one time only, expires XX.
    • Clarify the nature of the deal – i.e. two-for-one, discount, free.
    • Make sure your customers know how to access each offer.

5 Examples of Effective Text Marketing Campaigns

There are many different approaches you can follow when using SMS marketing. Here are a few simple campaign ideas to start with.

  1. Recurring Offer. This refers to something you offer on a regular basis, under the same conditions. It may be a two-for-one offer or a free offer when a customer spends a certain amount. For best results, send out a message each time the deal is reactivated.
  2. Limited Time Offer. Depending on the nature of your business and your own preference, you could have a special that lasts several hours, a few days, a week, or more.
  3. Welcome Offer. Exclusively aimed at your new text messaging recruits, this could be anything from a generous discount to full gratuity on a particular product or service when they join your list.
  4. Text Coupon Confirmation. This obliges customers to present the text received on their phones in order to qualify for particular discounts or bonuses.
  5. Clearance. If you want to get rid of old merchandise and make room for new stock fast, a great way to achieve that is by clearance.

The Power of SMS

When used properly, SMS marketing is instant, economical, and above all, highly effective. As many recent surveys point out, SMS marketing has an impressive conversion rate of 10% to 30%! If you’re not using this medium to promote your business, then you’re actually denying yourself a great chance to increase your sales and profits.

Text marketing is becoming increasingly affordable and feasible, no longer being restricted to corporations with sizeable marketing budgets. However, this also means there is more competition to face out there, so you will need to seek new ways to bring down costs and maximize efficiency in your campaigns.