5 SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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SMS marketing is one of the most popular up-and-coming marketing strategies that small business are starting to employ to help make themselves stand out. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your SMS marketing and send your business skyrocketing forward!

Make sure you really understand SMS marketing

There are rules and regulations associated with SMS marketing (called TCPA – Telephone Consumer Protection Act) that you need to be aware of being starting a marketing campaign. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations could potentially be costly in terms of fines as well as making your company look bad. Most importantly, remember that your company is only allowed to use SMS marketing on customers that have explicitly “opted in” to that type of communication. They must have consented to receiving Bulk SMS texts, otherwise you will be using an illegal marketing technique.

Make sure to check timing and remember text limits

With SMS marketing, timing is, in fact, everything. Look at the type of business you run and the services you offer, then time your text messages accordingly. Do you own a restaurant? Send out Bulk SMS text messages an hour or so before lunch or dinner rush. Operate a clothing business? Send your texts out before a holiday weekend or during the afternoon on Saturday when many people will already be out running around. Work with your marketing department to look at trends and schedule your texts around them. Also, remember that most people are only allowed 160 characters per text message. If you send Bulk SMS with more characters than that, it may divide into two separate text messages or not send at all. Save yourself the hassle and confusion and keep all SMS marketing under 160 characters with a clear, concise message.

Make sure to include a phone number or URL

A good SMS marketing text not only includes the offer or advertisement, but also a way to contact your business. You want the consumer to get all necessary information from the text and not be stuck trying to search how they can reach or find your business. Take the guesswork out of it by including either your businesses phone number or URL for your website with the Bulk SMS text. Not only is it good branding but it makes it much easier for the consumer to connect with you. Many people won’t take the time to look at who is sending them the text message so make sure they add you to their address books and don’t delete your SMS marketing text before they read it. Getting them to physically read the text can be the most challenging part of this type of marketing strategy.

In short, SMS marketing is a great tool when done well and also combined with other forms of marketing, like email lists and television or radio commercials. Follow the established guidelines and you’ll have great success with your Bulk SMS marketing goals!