Sending Bulk SMS? SMS Marketing Best Practices to Follow

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 To expand your business, a mobile SMS marketing campaign is something you must consider. You are of course aware of its benefits and advantages above other marketing channels. To exploit mobile SMS marketing channel to its fullest potential you just need to scratch your creativity a little more.

Here are some ideas you can customise and use for your mobile SMS marketing campaign along with a little insight into the implementation of the same.

Why SMS marketing?

For mobile SMS marketing, the most important thing you would want to have at hand is database of mobile numbers to send SMSs. Buying these databases can be of help. However, when you buy a database, you may not be able to get numbers only from your target audience.

So a better option is to collect mobile numbers of your prospective customers.

Keyword vs. Product or brand

Firstly you need to decide a keyword very interestingly and closely associated with your product or brand. It can even simply be your brand name. Then advertise this keyword through various channels of advertising you are currently using. If you are currently advertising on the highway just add a line mentioning your keyword, along with a reason for people to respond. This reason can be anything like a lucky draw or a discount on purchase. Let’s take an example to understand the suggested mobile SMS marketing plan better.

If you deal with dog food then getting a large database of mobile numbers of dog owners will be slightly difficult and just sending a promotional SMS to any and everybody will not prove to be very productive. So to make your mobile SMS marketing campaign more effective you set out to get mobile numbers of your prospective clients by advertising your keyword through an advertisement channel you are already using.

You can start with printing it on your dog food packets. Now offer a reason to your audience to respond. Present an offer like 100 lucky winners gets1 years free supply of dog food. This kind of an offer will ensure that only dog owners i.e. your target audience responds. Check here !

Keyword-send an SMS acknowledging receipt of their SMS

When people respond to your keyword, send an SMS acknowledging receipt of their SMS. Use this acknowledgement SMS as an opportunity to build your brand image and promote another offer. Like in the mobile SMS marketing campaign example mentioned earlier, you can promote a new product, or you can present another offer of a discount on the purchase of larger quantity. Brand building can be done by sending useful dog care tips periodically.

Talking about the implementation of your mobile SMS marketing campaign, the first thing you need is a good bulk SMS reseller, who can provide you with a customised SMS gateway (software to manage bulk SMSs).

To conclude:

Two important aspects you should look for in an SMS gateway other than cost are; its delivery promise, and incorporation with your database and applications. Don’t pick up an SMS gateway off the shelf without any commitment from the reseller to integrate it with your system. Also, check the ability or standing of the bulk SMS marketing reseller. See how long have they been in business along with a list of their existing clients and if possible check for some testimonials from them.

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